Harmful Effect on the Body

     Rohypnol is a fast acting drug, as it only takes thirty minutes to start to work. While it can last up to 18 hours.
     Confusion, dizziness, lace of judgment, and drowsiness is just some of rohypnol's effect to the body. Because drowsiness is one of rohypnol's effects is was once prescribed as sleeping pills, and still are in certain countries. When rohypnol is mixed in with alcohol there is a higher risk of overdose, difficulty breathing, or even death. Rohypnol can also cause amnesia to the user. That's why it is called "the forget drug". Amnesia is when you can't remember your last events or sometimes even what your name is. Like a memory lost. Also seizures may occur for 1-2 weeks while your not on the drug
     Rohypnol is also a very addictive drug, that's why people may use it.
     Also rohypnol makes you embrace your fears so if you were for example scared to jump of a cliff you might fell like doing that well the drug is in affect. So not only can rohypnol's effects be negative but you could get hurt or maybe even be killed while your on the drug.
     Also rohypnol interferes with your receptors on neurons which the neurotransmitter uses, also known as GABA. This action will than lower your brain activity making you less aware of your actions.