Healthy Alternatives to Drug Use

     So what happens if rohypnol is a part of your daily routine? Well this page will suggest some helpful Healthy Alternatives to the drug use of rohypnol.
     First off it matters what you use rohypnol for. People may use rohypnol for sleeping or maybe your just addicted to it.
Alternatives to using rohypnol to help you sleep:
Here are some tips on helping you sleep without rohypnol.
- Be careful of what you eat:
You don't want your stomach to be to full. Wait three hours after having dinner before going to sleep. Digestion may interrupt your sleep.
-Read before going to sleep:
If you read before going to sleep you will become more sleepy as you are not doing something that will get you stimulated.

Addiction to rohypnol
Here are some tips on how to quit your addiction.
-Contact your doctor:
Your doctor can help you with your addiction. Having someone help you through your problems is always better than suffering alone.
-Have an intervention:
This is more a friends responsibility but this method is very effective. Get their friends & family and help the person to get through there problem.
-Make a chart of pros and cons:
List all the pros and cons of taking rohypnol.